[thelist] Recommendation for Merchant Account?

Chris Cothrun mutagen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 03:00:29 CDT 2004

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004 10:51:42 -0700, Bob Haroche <bob at onpointsolutions.com> wrote:
> I work in California, US and am looking to accept credit cards for
> online orders (web dev and web hosting services). I've used PayPal in
> the past but am now looking for a real merchant account. Googling
> turns up a meager half million results so I'd be interested in what
> merchant account providers and Gateway re-sellers others have been
> pleased with. Ideally the merchant account provider would actually
> answer their telephone calls (so many of the low cost ones never do).
> Also a provider that could handle automated recurring payments would
> be a plus.


A longtime friend of mine works technical support for National
Bankcard Systems (http://www.enbs.com/). I'm going to be in contact
with him tomorrow, if you'd like I can get a name of a decent,
no-nonsense salesperson to talk to.

Setting up a merchanct account can be difficult. The providers like
the one my friend works for act as middle men for various banks and
financial institutions. Each bank has its own policies and criteria
for accepting businesses for merchant accounts, along with their own
pricing structure for different scenarios (whether the card is
physically swiped, etc). The providers all have their own fee
structures to add, some can be quite high and of course this all leads
to confusion as you try to sort out monthly and transaction fees.

- Chris

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