[thelist] Re: google droped my http: page

cvos list at netpaths.net
Fri Sep 3 21:56:42 CDT 2004

This sort of thing routinely occurs. Many sites experience random PR
vanishing. It has to do with 100,000+ Google servers synching with each
other. It is a scary occurrence to be dropped, but rest assured, if you've
hidden nothing and don¹t artificially inflate incoming links there is no

> I have a home page that Google has a page rank of zero, sort of.  =
> Normally I get a page rank of 6.  I only see the zero page rank on the =
> http:// page, if I add http://www to the url the page rank shows it's =
> normal 6.  This happened in July and the returned to a 6 in August.  Now =
> in September my http:// page has returned to zero again.  When I search =
> for my site in Google it shows up as normal and it points to the =
> http://www. page.
> What's going on?  Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior from =
> Google?

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