[thelist] IIS 5.1 setup

Oguz Solok oz at solokweb.co.uk
Fri Sep 3 10:03:26 CDT 2004

Hello everybody

I am planning to run a personal web site on a broadband connection at
I would also like to be able to make changes to the site while I am away
from home.

I am running XP Pro. I installed IIS 5.1 with default settings. After
this I
ran ISS lockdown tool. I also cleared all files and folders installed by
default in wwwroot folder under Inetpub folder. So there are only empty
wwwroot and ftp root folders under Inetpub

The eventual content of the site is on a disk partition reserved for
purpose, say (D:\test). I pointed to that location in Home Directory
property sheets for www and ftp sites.

Summary of set-up

Default Web site properties:
Anonymous access (IUSR_machinename)
Local Path: D:\test
Permissions: Read, Log visits

Default FTP site properties:
NOT allowed Anonymous access
Local Path: D:\test (same as WWW)
Permission : Read, Write, Log visits

NTFS file permissions for D:\test:
IUSR_machinename: Read&Execute, List Folder Contents, Read
some_other_user: Full Control (this is the only folder this user has any

Everything seems to work fine. When I connect to that machine from
machine on my network using http://machinename I can see the pages and I
receive the password prompt when I use ftp://machinename as expected. I
also able to connect using WS_FTP and manipulate folders from a machine
outside my network.

My question is, is this a reliable set-up? This is not a
project and purely for my own amusement so I don't need Enterprise level
high security but of course I would not wish to open a door into my
inadvertently or place a node on Internet that could be used

Many thanks in advance


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