[thelist] What Are Stop Words?

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sat Sep 4 12:12:58 CDT 2004

At 16:34 on Saturday, 04 Sep 2004, Jono Young wrote:

> "... the point is that using markers..."
> The article does not explain where these "markers" should be used.
> Does the above mean that when writing Meta Tags, Alt tags, etc., that if  
> you do need to use a number of articles, such as "the" that it is better  
> to leave them out and replace then with a marker, such as *?  If so, is  
> "*" the appropriate marker to use?

Write for human readability.  the search engine just leaves out the stop  
words (common words like if, and, the, etc)

try searching on google for any sentence containing a stop word - google  
will tell you that it's excluded it from the search.

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