[thelist] point of sale system

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Sun Sep 5 00:23:24 CDT 2004

A buddy of mine owns a car audio shop, and he's looking to make the jump 
to online sales as well.  Being his friend, i've offered to help him out 
with getting the site up and running, putting up an os-commerece 
webstore, etc etc...  but he wants to take it one step further.
He's looking to go all paperless.  Right now, hes doing old fashioned 
all receipts by hand on special reciept papers with his shop info on it.
He wants to throw his cash register out- and just have a drawer for the 
money, and using a POS system have both the website and his local retial 
store info/reciepts all in one place.

I'm familiar with quick books, and i think that its not the answer for 

Is anyone here familiar with doing a full store integration like this?  
If the web and the POS systems are not intertwined- thats not a big 
deal.  I can easily customize a store's sql/tables to match customer id 
or something like that for a simple join.

Any suggestions/tips will be helpful.


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