[thelist] Fundraising software for non-profit organisations

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Sep 5 05:29:29 CDT 2004

The POS thread got me thinking maybe evolters would be able to suggest or  
recommend some software to help manage fundraising campaigns by a client  
non-profit organisation.

I was thinking it might be a bespoke solution, but maybe I shouldn't  
re-invent the wheel.

they need something like a CRM package, but less sales oriented and more  
fund raising project/donor based.

 from initial discussions it would need to work with multiple projects and  
track all points of contact with parties involved, the same parties might  
be involved with more than one project so relational links are important.

a nice feature would be "fund target" tracking - e.g need to raise x we're  
currently y% of the way, with confidence in donations being measured on  
some sort of confidence scale.

any suggestions gratefully received.



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