[thelist] Taking over a Web site

apathetic timbooker at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 12:59:18 CDT 2004

On Sun, 5 Sep 2004 22:19:36 +0100, Kevin Stevens <kjs at ratking.co.uk> wrote:
> 1. It appears that the domain name does not belong to the former pub owner
> but to the company who designed the site in the first place. 

Legally, the old design company owns the domain and you would need to
dispute the ownership with the registrar.  In reality, though, they
probably registered it under their own name out of laziness.  They
would likely be happy to transfer the domain to you if asked (although
they will probably also be happy to charge a release fee).

> 2. What is the etiquette involved in using someone else's work. 

Usually the person that pays for the site owns the work, and the web
site comes with the sale of the business.  Again, you should ask the
old design company to supply you with a copy of the site.

(In my opinion it's better to keep things on a third-party server and
register all domains for their rightful owners... Save ourselves this
kind of bother.)


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