[thelist] GMAIL invites - please kill this thread

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Sep 7 09:23:48 CDT 2004

please can you stop spamming the list with "got an invite if you want
it" emails.

Thank you! This thread could go on forever. Why? I sent out several invites
this past week. I open up my way cool Gmail account and the invitation count
was reset to 6.

Gmail is indeed cool though... 


<tip type="Clients and Warm Fuzzy Feelings" author="Rob.Smith">
	I visited a potential client over the weekend. I brought a pound of
Ethiopian Yurgacheffe from Starbucks as a thank you gift for at least
allowing me to talk to them at their home. It was a risk worth taking. They
did have a coffee machine that took the beans whole, grinds them, and then
brews them. Anyway.
	I also sent my bid request with a self-addressed envelope (with
postage paid) inside the parent envelope. That cost me 6 stamps, but If I
got the bid, I won't have to worry about stamps I suppose.

	What other things have you done to give your clients that warm fuzzy
feeling to get your bids accepted? Were your actions good enough to win the

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