[thelist] Adding banner ads

brian cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Tue Sep 7 10:07:54 CDT 2004

raditha dissanayake wrote:

> john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've a client that seems keen on adding banner ads to their site. I
>> already use Google Adsense, but that doesn't seem to be enough to 
>> satisfy
>> their need.
> google adsense has pretty decent payouts compared to most others. If 
> you client isn't satisfied with that he will not be satisfied with the 
> others.
I'll tell you what though, adsense to me has been really up and down.

I first started serving ads with them in june of 2003, alocating roughly 
20k impressions a day to them.  It was great.  I was making great money 
off of them- USD $20-$25 a day.  I was paying my rent off of my adsense 
check.  It was great.  Come winter time, i was rolling in about $1-$2  a 
day.  And it was like that all the way through July, where it has been 
back up to about $8-$10 a day through the end of august.  It looks to be 
going back up again too.  So, I guess that Late summer/Early fall seems 
to be the money maker---- at least for MY industry where my keywords are 
pulled from.  Obviously, other's will vary.

I guess the point of this post is to just tell your client to hang tight. 

More so, It's all about how many you serve VS how many get clicked. 

If you serve 20,000 ads a day, and get 100 clicks,
Or if you server 10,000 ads a day and get 100 clicks,
you will make more off the 10,000 impression clicks.

So, keep that in mind.

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