[thelist] Firefox OS X DOM Inspector help

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Tue Sep 7 10:42:29 CDT 2004

Adrian Simmons wrote:

> Andy Budd wrote:
>> Am I just being dim?
> No. Or maybe we both are :\
>> How do I get the DOM inspector back?
> I think it's actually built in, check Tools > Extentions
> That said things seem a littl clunky, most notably there doesn't seem 
> to be an 'inspect' menu option!
> I tried installing the inspector widget (available at 
> http://update.mozilla.org/extensions), but that doesn't seem to work 
> from it's contextual menu items. :\
> You can do View > Toolbars > Customize and add an inspector button 
> (big mangifying glass icon) to your tool bar, which then launches the 
> inspector - put inspectors firefoxe's browser chrome :|
> Still, I was able to type in a url and have it actually inspect a real 
> web page. :)
> For now I think I'll just use mozilla though...

Hmm, well the inspector is listed in my extensions but there isn't a 
big mangifying DOM inspector glass icon in the customise panel and 
there definitely isn't a menu option for the DOM inspector anywhere.

Andy Budd


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