[thelist] link trading was google tool bar for mac?

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Tue Sep 7 17:10:48 CDT 2004


> as for the point about identifying possible link swap partners (alex's 
> follow up) - debate rages whether this is effective or counter 
> productive. There is also a considerable debate about whether it's 
> really worth all that effort to go from page rank 4 to page rank 5 (on 
> the toolbar)

when you say debate - could you mention a forum where such   such 
debates are happening? I'd like to see the arguments for it being 
counter productive.

my POV is that if you are offering something, being polite, showing that 
you have actuallly had a good look around the site and decided that they 
are great  complementary link partners, and offer some description about 
the site *only* after getting the nod from the webmaster, and other nice 
manners, im sure you can  you can expect to get a 1 in 5 or 2 in 5 
return. still even that 20% is hard sweat.

after all what its doing is saying in a blunt way, is:

"we get visitors and we want our visitors to look at your stuff (or) 
we're bringing you people who are already interested in your stuff 
(explaining why). we're helping to sell your stuff. would you like to do 
the same for us? if so, can you link to us like this? " ie the link text 
has the company name plus its major and secondary keywords.

that sort of thing. anyone offering to sell your stuff is good? i 
suppose you can say "we get enough trade thanks".

anyway, what happened to the collaborative nature of the web? where two 
small guys help each other out? if youre big, then you pay through the 
nose for your position. but small guys shouldnt have to pay - just help 
each other out?




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