[thelist] Crystal Reports Question

Scott Dexter dexilalolai at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 7 21:55:36 CDT 2004

> E.g. the Development PC was pointed to the Dev DB. The local Test
> Server 
> was pointed to the Test DB and the Production Server was pointed to
> the 
> Production DB.

In my testing, I've saved the report, changed where the DSN points
to, reopened the report to watch it ignore the new settings and
connect to the server as saved with the report. Not fun. Also
hindering this is I'm now in a large shop, and the "Release
Management" people won't accept something that has to have different
settings in different places (or some contraints close to that). Ugh.
I did find some documentation leading me to actually write some code
and set the properties inside of VB between opening the report and
running it. I think I'm on the right course, except I have no idea
which version of CR these were saved with (nobody else does either),
and Crystal changed up the runtime object model between versions 8
and 9. Fun, eh?

At any rate, I think I'm barking at least in the direction of the
right tree; I'll post what I came up with ....


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