[thelist] Web stats software recommendations

Richard Osborne R.M.Osborne at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Sep 8 04:01:57 CDT 2004

>>> Do people have any recommendations for software they really like/find

After a long search myself, I finally decided on Sawmill. It's reasonably
priced, but the big selling point for me was the fact that the results pages
that it generates are interactive. They're all HTML, and by clicking on
items on the page you can "dig-down" to see more and more detailed
information, for example exactly which path a person took through pages on
your site. This is generated on the fly, so you don't have to decide what
report you want ahead of time. As I work for a research unit, I'm not
interested in something particularly pretty, but something that has immense
functionality, like this program, where I can explore users behaviour rather
than impress clients!


Rich Osborne

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