SV: [thelist] Firefox OS X DOM Inspector help

Andreas Wahlin Andreas.Wahlin at
Wed Sep 8 06:31:25 CDT 2004

<In the current version the Inspector is installed but you can't access 
it unless you install another widget which allows you to create a menu 
item for the inspector?>

The inspector should be accessible from the beginning, at least it is on
the Windows version (though it was hard to make it work, can't remember
exactly what went wrong now). There is a Inspector Widget that allows
you to right click and select "inspect this page" (or simmilar) that
will immediatley start the DOM inspector on the current page. I love
that DOM inspector btw, though perhaps there might be a better one.
Also, we should remember that this is pre 1.0 versions, though I relie
on Firefox as my main browser daily for browsing AND development. 

This was in a way written in defence of Firefox, so that people won't be
discouraged to use it. When installing for windows, just make sure to
tick the option to install extra developer tools. 


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