[thelist] Re: link trading was google tool bar for mac?

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Wed Sep 8 07:57:12 CDT 2004


> So, I'm happy to help out the small guy who has local information that 
> hikers might be interested in (for example, surfing in my area), but 
> not someone whose information is not locally specific or geared toward 
> an audience where only a tiny portion might want be looking for hiking 
> information.

Ok so lets assume that the site is never going to have much in common on 
a very specific level. what would happen if they made a specific page 
that would be in the same subject area and your link was in the sidebar. 
surely if some one has gone to that page they are interested in that 
topic, and then if they were to leave the site to yours, wouldnt you be 
welcoming someone whos interested in your area?

> I feel bad when I turn these folks down. But I'm not making any money 
> out of this anyway. 

 I shouldnt feel bad about it - sounds like they havent done enough work 
to ensure you relevant visitors


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