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Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Sep 8 08:25:17 CDT 2004

At 13:40 on Wednesday, 08 Sep 2004, Joshua Olson wrote:

> Question that maybe you can or cannot answer.  I'm trying this one out  
> for
> the first time and I have a not-too-bad mish mash of log formats archived
> for a site.  In most cases the fields recorded in the log files are  
> exactly
> the same, but in some cases (generally older cases) there are some slight
> differences.  It looks like I have to hard code one specific set of  
> fields
> in the conf file.  It bombs out when I try to run it if the log files  
> don't
> match exactly.  What a pain.  Is there any way that you know of around
> this--perhaps have AWSTATS determine the log file fields at runtime?

seems to support your results - it needs setting for one format, in order  
to parse the log file properly.

I guess what you need is a choice of configs depending on log format?

have you looked at these:

it mentions a python converter tool to convert old IIS4.0 logs

and this might be useful:


but I think you might need to jiggle the logs about to get them all into  
one common format for AWstats.



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