[thelist] Host with Tech Support

Lisa Thompson lisa at duckdogdesign.com
Wed Sep 8 10:00:23 CDT 2004

Yeah, I can see the conflict. I'm not so much interested in making money
from a reseller program as I am in offering hosting as a convenience because
it will be bundled with the product I'm selling. So if a host were flexible
enough to set up a special program for me where I didn't profit from the
hosting or profited only minimally, that would work too.

<Lisa wrote:>
> > I'm looking for a web host that offers all the usual stuff,
> PHP, etc, has a
> > reseller program, but handles the tech support calls themselves.
> >

> >
<Patrick wrote:>
> >
> >
> Seems to me that asking for a reseller program AND requiring the host
> provider to handle all of the support is contra-indicated.

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