[thelist] Host with Tech Support

Lisa Thompson lisa at duckdogdesign.com
Wed Sep 8 15:16:07 CDT 2004

I'm starting to get the picture...Either I bite the bullet and offer support
myself, or I'm looking at hiring a Call Center.

Those of you who resell hosting, how much time do you spend on support, or
how many calls and emails per week do you receive? Out of those requests for
support, how many of them are easily resolved?


> I also resell hosting at my own site:  http://www.net2o.com
> I've found that it's tough to find a reselling program that will
> provide direct support as you described it.   Generally, the whole
> point of most programs is that you can brand the service as your own,
> and the parent company is basically behind the scenes - so providing
> support yourself is almost a requirement.
> The key is to find a host that will provide you with the most control
> over your system (control panel) without having to call up support
> yourself.  Browse around their forums as well, and see what others
> have to say.  If the host has a reseller program, there generally is a
> lot of chatter regarding reselling.
> For http://www.net2o.com, I'm using http://www.vortechhosting.com
> They have a great CP (although a bit complex), and a good community of
> resellers.
> I've also recommended CrystalTech to clients as well, especially for
> ColdFusion hosting.
> -Hugh

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