[thelist] ASP.NET Development tool [WAS: Homesite doesn't recognize.aspx]

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Wed Sep 8 16:36:44 CDT 2004

	FWIW, I use WebMatrix, which is a free tool available at
www.asp.net .  It never made it out of beta -- the ASP.NET team
overpromised and then couldn't deliver -- but it's free, and pretty
full-featured at that.  It offers syntax coloring, local network/FTP
access, WYSIWYG development (which I never use, due to the granularity
of my client-side work), code snippet management, some code wizards, and
SQL Server management from within the IDE.  You can also extend it by
building custom modules, but I haven't seen any material about that for
some time.

	IMO, VS.NET's ASP.NET implementation is merely a bastardized
version of their (excellent) Windows programming environment.  For me,
it's not worth the overhead, the mandatory following of their
methodology, and the bloat (and heaven help you if your code gets
altered by the designer).

	I've heard some talk about Visual Web Developer Express, but I
haven't gotten a chance to use it yet.  I'm sure Ken Schaefer will
comment on that when he wakes up over there :-D



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> How old is this version of HomeSite?  I thought Allaire was absorbed 
> by Macromedia around the time ASP.NET made its public appearance.

5.0.  5.5 is the most recent.  

New Question: what does the group recommend for developing in ASP.NET?


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