[thelist] Site check please

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Sep 9 04:03:52 CDT 2004

Amy Johnson wrote on 2004-09-09 07:15:
> Hi all.  I had to put this site together quickly (3 days) and I opted to
> use tableless CSS. So I would love it if you could check this site out
> especially on the Mac.  I find that CSS is extremely fickle on Macs and
> I just haven't had time to rent a Mac to check this one out.
> http://www.rocky-hills.com/kidsbeingkidsportraits

It might be a good idea to reconsider how you use CSS-positioning. At 
the moment, you position them absolutely. If the visitor uses bigger 
fonts (can do this on Firefox despite of evil px size definitions for 
fonts...) then the text runs behind the images. It could be better to 
keep the images in normal flow, just giving them some marigins.

You could also clean up the head tag: there seems to be no LoadImg() 
function, and you don't need the bgcolor attribute there, as it's 
covered in the stylesheet.


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