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evolt at mccullough-net.com evolt at mccullough-net.com
Thu Sep 9 07:26:32 CDT 2004

The company I work for had a developer build a bloated, non-extensible, ugly,
slow and not-user-friendly application that allows customers to build uniforms.
 The uniforms range greatly in style and are added to constantly.

Here is my problem.  I need to redo it.  Too many fixes for the current one,
including one part which is a total rip and redo.  Looking for some advice
becuase I dont have all the answers (shock and awe) Flash vs Applet.  I'm
worried that Flash will not be able to provide the updating capabilities that
will be needed with new products or product types (ie some will be totally
customizable where some will allow lettering or a logo)

Thoughs, other ideas?

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