[thelist] CSS technique for forms?

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Thu Sep 9 11:16:46 CDT 2004

David Dorward wrote:

> One school of thought is that forms are tabular data in which one 
> column
> is filled in by the user. Some people disagree. Certainly when you 
> start
> to get complex forms it can be difficult to structure them as tabular
> data.

Tables are for displaying tabular data. Forms are an input mechanism, 
not a display mechanism. If you want to use tables to layout your 
forms, just use them. You really don't need to try and justify it with 
some dodgy arguments about  forms being tabular data.

However there are plenty of resources showing you how to layout forms 
using CSS. One of the visually nicest ones in my opinion is this.


Andy Budd


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