[thelist] CSS technique for forms?

Razvan Pop razvan at cpea.ro
Thu Sep 9 10:38:12 CDT 2004

John.Brooking at sappi.com wrote:

>Okay, I've been converted to laying out pages with CSS instead of tables,
>but also not gone too far the other way by attempting to use only CSS when I
>really do a have a rectangular set of values to display. But there seem to
>me to be a number of gray areas, and one is them is forms. Specifically, the
>standard format of one value per line with a label in front, such as:
Like this:

>Tables were an easy way to vertically align the labels and the fields, but
>of course suffer the same problems as using tables for page layout. But what
>are the alternatives? I see two:
>   1) Use separate DIV for the labels and the fields, positioning them next
>to each other. I haven't actually tried this, because I suspect it would be
>a pain to ensure that the label and the its field line up appropriately,
>since they will wrap independently this way. Plus there are all the
>cross-browser problems with positioning and floating. Yuck.
>   2) Put each label/field pair in a P tag, with the label in a SPAN, and
>set a width on the SPAN. You could either make each SPAN the same class, or
>put the whole thing in a named DIV and define the width for any SPAN within
>that named DIV. Either way, it's a little bit of a pain putting each label
>inside a SPAN, but probably still better than the table alternative. This is
>what I generally do.
>Are there other techniques?
>- John

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