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Hugh Ly likewater at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 16:37:12 CDT 2004

I generally stick with small to medium static sites with minimal
traffic.   Generally, the support issues are like what Shane
mentioned.  Lots of email stuff which you can manage yourself through
the control panel.   Unless you have tons of time, I would not host
larger, and dynamic sites - just too many points of failure.    When I
do host dynamic sites, it's usually because I'm the one that
designd/developed it, so I'm intimate with its workings.  In this
case, it's usually an advantage for me since I now have total control
every aspect of the site.


On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 11:19:28 -0700, Chris Cothrun <mutagen at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Sep 2004 07:26:15 -0700, Lisa Thompson <lisa at duckdogdesign.com> wrote:
> > I'm looking for a web host that offers all the usual stuff, PHP, etc, has a
> > reseller program, but handles the tech support calls themselves.
> >
> > I want to offer hosting with a new package I'm developing, but don't want
> > all those (hundreds and thousands of) clients calling me with their hosting
> > questions.
> Earlier this year I spoke to a company that offers this kind of
> service. Here is my contact:
> Benjamin Burke
> bburke at bluegenesis.com
> Toll-Free : 1-888-260-7890 x 2235
> http://www.bluegenesis.com
> I can't comment on their service, as I did not use them. However, a
> quick search on WebHostingTalk.com found a few favorable comments. You
> might find more suggestions there as well.
> I wish you success on your venture.
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> - Chris
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