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Fri Sep 10 10:28:14 CDT 2004

The application that I have described I thought was perfect for Flash Remoting,
however no one I have talked to has suggested that or given me any hope,
instead it seems to be a conglomeration of applets, beans, jsp, javascript and
so on.

Quoting Michal Migurski <mike at teczno.com>:

> On Sep 9, 2004, at 8:49 AM, evolt at mccullough-net.com wrote:
> > sure.
> >
> > Basically you have a builder application. You have a basic shell of a 
> > uniform.
> > You can add options. Collar, sleves, logo (upload), build a logo 
> > (probably a
> > seperate app), clip art, names, numbers, colors (some could be 3 
> > color, some
> > could be 4 or 1 color), a place for descriptive text about what you 
> > are looking
> > for. Printout, email features, images update, rule update. Also there 
> > must be
> > the ability to work outside of a web evironment such as a Java 
> > application on a
> > Palm or desktop (Windows, Mac). The reason for different rules and 
> > images is
> > that there could be more product lines, like pens, pencils, shirts, 
> > ballons.
> > All of this must feel the end data to the Java application which will 
> > then
> > finish the order process.
> All the graphical requirements are pretty easily handled in Flash, so 
> no problem there. It's fairly trivial to serve up graphics for the 
> various picture elements from a database, and to do much of the color 
> manipulation inside Flash itself.
> The offline viewing requirement is a bit of a tough one, though it 
> depends on what you want the user to do once they're offline.
> One approach would be to package up downloadable copies of the app - 
> for example, a user might want a "snapshot" of the catalog for later 
> viewing. You might generate an archive file that contains the main .swf 
> (or a platform-dependent standalone application) along with directories 
> of supporting catalog information and assets. I'm working on something 
> exactly like this for a client right now, and packaging up the data for 
> offline viewing is not a hard problem, AS LONG AS the users are made to 
> understand that they are getting a static, non-modifiable snapshot of 
> their project at a particular point in time.
> Another option is Macromedia's Central platform - I've not used it, but 
> my understanding is that it's supposed to be a sort of shell that flash 
> applications can run inside, with some extra permissions for storing 
> data on the user's machine or detecting when the network connection 
> been connected or disconnected, that are not possible in the usual web 
> browser context. I've heard that developers aren't exactly leaping on 
> this bandwagon, but it's available.
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