[thelist] Site check please. http://www.npwwholesale.co.uk

Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Fri Sep 10 11:05:07 CDT 2004

Message from Liam Delahunty (9/10/2004 11:22 AM)
>I just need the front page looked at please.
>I'd be grateful if someone could have a look and let me know if the image 
>is somewhat similar to:

Looks similar to me using Opera 7.2. Only real difference is that the grey 
vertical line between the "Worldwide Co" and the "Natural Products" columns 
isn't there.

It's a very disjointed design though, if I may say so. Nothing seems to fit 
with anything else. Also the visible alt text popup has a spelling error - 


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