Network Solutions and customer service (was RE: [thelist] ICANN Transfer Policy Change)

Joel D Canfield joel at
Fri Sep 10 15:35:26 CDT 2004

> They're also the ones who decided on their own to redirect all unknown
> domain names (when you type a domain name that isn't 
> registered or known
> from DNS) to their website, a webpage they called "help page" or
> something like that, and with an apporiate link to book the 
> domain name
> !!
> They removed this web-wide "feature" a few weeks later, i don't know
> why, maybe they received thousands of complaints, but if I were them I
> would have continue doing that. I don't understand why they stopepd
> doing it, maybe fear of legal action ?

I like to pretend this had something to do with it:


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