[thelist] VB.NET built in functions

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Sat Sep 11 07:48:43 CDT 2004

Hello Casey,

I am not sure how many built in functions there are in VB.NET as of the .NET
generation it is all OO and not procedural as it was with VB6.

I believe you will find all the required information you need in the
framework's documentation where they documented all objects in the

Here is a link to the documentation's root, where you can find any class's


Click on ".NET Framework Class Library" to start browsing classes'

Good luck!

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> If you are looking for the VB.NET Language functions

Yes, I am.

>then:  ms-help://MS.NETFrameworkSDKv1.1/vblr7net/html/vaoriFunctionsVBA.htm

Okay, I've got the SDK installed.  There IS a ton of info in here.  What I'm
looking for is some sort of reference/help for built in functions.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v1.1

Where do i go from here?



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