[thelist] Do these UNICODE characters work - page check

David Travis dwork at macam.ac.il
Sat Sep 11 12:59:57 CDT 2004

Interesting survey! I think the group would be happy to hear any interesting
results, which can help us handle encoding issues.


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Please visit this page and answer the question there.


I'm reworking a language site that needs to display certain Unicode 
characters known as IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) characters. 
The page is coded with charset=utf-8, and I'm using fonts from several 
platforms that are reputed to contain the characters.

The challenge is how well does it work in various browsers.  I would 
really appreciate you taking a few seconds to check the page and answer 
the form ... especially for non-IE browsers and all platforms.

Reassurance: the only details collected are the form fields, 

Bob Easton

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