[thelist] Need to add a serial number system to my ASP script.

Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 18:38:51 CDT 2004

How are you licencing the code? Per site? Per server? Can the user
transfer the licence/software between physical boxes (provided they
don't use more than the numbfer of copies they bought?)

For example, if the code is licenced per physical server (irrespective
of the number of processors), and the code can be moved between boxes
(eg the user upgrades/replaces the box) then I would:
a) use assymetric key encryption
b) have the user tell you what the IP address of the server is
c) create an encrypted config file. The message is the IP address, and
key is yourp private key. You give this config file to your user.
d) you embed the public key into your application. When the component
initialises, it reads in the config file, decrypts it using the public
key, and checks the IP address against the IP address the machine is

This may present issues in a load balanced environment, and isn't
circumventable by clever programmers, but it's a common technique that
works for most cases.


On Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:29:21 +0930, Craig <cd-ml at aardvark.net.au> wrote:
> ok, I should have said "how to do it in an ActiveX DLL", as I've converted
> my ASP code into a ActiveX DLL, so the source-code will be secure :)
> Regards,
> Craig.

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