FW: [thelist] Re: is Tufte worth buying?

Dru Sellers dru at zetachi.org
Sun Sep 12 10:14:51 CDT 2004

I have enjoyed Tufte's book on many levels. From the beauty of the book
itself, to the pure historical impacts that the book tells us about. As far
as a learning tool for visual presentation. I find that it is more of a
growth tool. Sometimes not directly applicable but it will open your mind to
some powerful concepts that will change the way your percieve bits of the
world. For instance I usually don't read USA Today anymore. ;-)

I'm working on more and more complex web generated tables from various data
stores. My users are generally satisfied with the visual presentation of the
data, but I'd like to move from 'good enough' to 'excellent.'

The reviews of Tufte's books at Amazon.com seem to be 90% worship, 10%
cursing. Are the 90% blinded, or are the 10% just misguided?
If the company would spring for the fifty bucks, is reading Tufte going to
help me hone my skills in visual presentation of data via web tools?

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