[thelist] RE: Niellsen Usability Reports

ANDREA STREIGHT astreight at msn.com
Mon Sep 20 11:47:36 CDT 2004

I have never purchased any of Nielsen's expensive NNG reports, but I have to 
say Jakob's books are rich sources of information, screenshots, analysis 
that make them worth every penny. I was glad to see someone asking about his 
reports, though, and I have wondered about them, too.

You can gain a lot from his Alert boxes at www.useit.com

His last Alert box about the Web seeming to be constructed by ants on LSD 
was funny. He seems to be tired of narcissistic designers who care nothing 
about efficiency based on complying with certain web norms, or user 

If you or your company is heavily into newsletter marketing, I would vote to 
purchase the report. I'm sure you'll get results that will more than pay for 
the report itself. I'm old fashioned and so anti-inbox clutter, I send my 
newsletters to clients via land mail, not email!

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