[thelist] converting dbf to access

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Tue Sep 21 12:57:41 CDT 2004

hi all! so i was just presented with this problem. in a nutshell this 
company is using an old DOS styled interface to enter data in to a 
dbase4 database. but the guy that used to help them do this is no longer 
around and now we are stuck trying to figure this one out. i've managed 
to get access to open up the dbf files after some digging and i've found 
their data, *sigh of relief* but i can't figure out a way to migrate 
their reports they had into a familiar SQL format (if there even is a way).

so does anyone know of any tools that will allow me to migrate this 
whole directory of crap into something usuable? or am i stuck going in 
dbf at a time and trying to figure out what is good and bad and redoing 
the reports by hand in SQL?



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