[thelist] converting dbf to access

Stefan Schwarzer stefan.schwarzer at grid.unep.ch
Wed Sep 22 00:32:49 CDT 2004

Although perhaps not directly what you are looking for, we use a tool 
called Access2MySQL in order to export our (imported) dbf files from Access 
to MySQL. We had used another small script before which exported the Access 
tables into a text-file in MySQL format. Perhaps this could be of use for 


>hi all! so i was just presented with this problem. in a nutshell this 
>company is using an old DOS styled interface to enter data in to a dbase4 
>database. but the guy that used to help them do this is no longer around 
>and now we are stuck trying to figure this one out. i've managed to get 
>access to open up the dbf files after some digging and i've found their 
>data, *sigh of relief* but i can't figure out a way to migrate their 
>reports they had into a familiar SQL format (if there even is a way).
>so does anyone know of any tools that will allow me to migrate this whole 
>directory of crap into something usuable? or am i stuck going in dbf at a 
>time and trying to figure out what is good and bad and redoing the reports 
>by hand in SQL?
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