[thelist] grid control for web app?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Wed Sep 22 00:55:24 CDT 2004

Glenn Carr wrote:
> I'm looking for a nice grid control for a web app.  Preferably a Java
> applet.  Nothing fancy required, only needs to accept simple values
> (not support comboboxes, etc.).  The number of cells displayed will
> be around 4000, so it needs to be perform well.
> Currently, I'm solving this problem by displaying a simple HTML
> table, and having some script/dhtml cause an INPUT cell to be
> displayed in the current cell.  This currently only works with IE,
> and I'm looking to expand this to work with the major browsers by
> using a Java applet or Flash control.
> Any suggestions?

Glenn, you might want to check out:


I haven't tried it myself but it is cross browser, in-page editable, GPL
licensed (with supported commercial edition available), and looks
reeeally sweet.  It can be populated on the fly from a separate
server-side JS, plaintext or XML file!  The reference pages and tutorial
appear very detailed and thorough, and the support forum is pretty

If you do end up trying it out, please post back here and let me know
how you liked it!


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