[thelist] telling IE not to open text files

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Sep 22 11:17:15 CDT 2004

> > On our intranet we frequently link to live documents using 
> the 'file' 
> > protocol, assuming the doc will open in its native 
> application. Text open in IE.

> Add the content-disposition header.  Set its value to 
> "attachment; filename=whatever.txt" Then, set the 
> content-type to application/unknown so that IE will have to 
> guess which app to use.

Eh, just got to working on this, and can't make sense of it. Here's what
the link looks like:

    <a href="file:\\server\path\FileName.txt">FileName.txt</a>

I have no control over the contents of the file it links to, and don't
see how headers can be affected with a link like this.

Am I missing something, or was the original problem not stated clearly

Thanks again.


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