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Scott Harman scott at harman.tv
Wed Sep 22 16:41:32 CDT 2004

Yeah - I've had problems compiling in support for the windows media
codecs in mandrake - I just didn't have the time to completely make the
install again from the cooker with the new codecs.

I think you're probably right - possible two links - one spawn the clip
in an external player, else play inline.
I'll be adding some hover tips and some online help - if I've got time.

Thank you for that.


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On Wednesday 22 September 2004 18:58, Scott Harman wrote:
> http://www.harman.tv/pastv/
> It's a site I've created for my MSc project - please don't be too
> I'd like it if someone running linux with mplayer (with windows codecs
> installed) could test the browse component for me.
No, doesn't work on Konqueror or firefox or Opera on mandrake Linux for
It says there's no pluggin.
I have mplayer - not sure about codecs. Can usually play wmv without

If you want usability - a link to a movie file would open in the player
of my choice, instead of in this little iframe.


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