[thelist] Ok. That's messed up - s d r a w k c a B g n i t s a s P

Mark Joslyn Mark.Joslyn at SolimarSystems.com
Wed Sep 22 17:19:03 CDT 2004

If the original image was set to print on a printing plate (or, the original
image was set up as a mirror image initially, or had some page rotation
setting), it is set up backwards. So when that image was printed through
Distiller, or some other PDF outputting mechanism, it correctly flipped the
image so it displays the correct way - however, the underlying image is
still intact. So when you select text, it is selecting the backward text
from the underlying image vs. the displayed text on the screen.

You can try opening the PDF and Save As a new PDF file with "Optimize}
selected. This may correct the problem.

Hope this helps.


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Hi list,

Well, I've stumped my IT staff (me included). I'm copy and pasting from
Adobe PDF Reader 6.0 into Dreamweaver MX and it's pasting what I copied

i x a m n e i t n i a m e d e r u t a r é p m e T

It's supposed to paste:

Température de maintien maxi

Have any of you ever seen this messed up behavior?

Rob Smith

p.s. If it makes any difference, I've pasted this into Word, Notepad, the
URL bar of my IE, and this email with both the text and column select tool. 

On another observation, I copied and pasted the entire page, only the text
within tables gets pasted backwards.

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