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> I'm working on a new site for a client. Waiting for additional
> content/images. 
> Would really appreciate it if some of you folks would take a
> look at it and offer your comments/opinions. I've designed
> several other sites but this is my first "pure" CSS attempt.
> Here's the link:
> http://www.feed-works.com/
> Thanks,
> Ron R

In addition to the comments made so far, it would be useful to have some
visual indication in the navigation of the current page, in my opinion.

The biggest flaw with the site as far as I can tell, is that you're using
Javascript to generate the header, footer, navigation and pretty much all
common page elements. I'm not sure why you've opted to do this, but you've
effectively closed your site to all visitors who don't have Javascript
enabled, including search engine spiders. Assuming you wanted some way of
maintaining these shared elements in a single location, I'd suggest that you
consider using some form of server-side includes instead.

All the best,


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