[thelist] Caching: PHP or Clientside?

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Thu Sep 23 02:00:08 CDT 2004

At 05:59 on Thursday, 23 Sep 2004, Mr. Tenuta wrote:

> I'm caching a huge chunk of html output and am debating where to put it.  
> Would it be efficient to store that code in a PHP variable and carry  
> that variable throughout every page?
> Should I store it clientside? If so how do I store all that data? In a  
> cookie?
> PHP variable or Clientside? which would be more efficient. I'm just not  
> sure if it's bad programming carrying a bunch of output from page to  
> page. (of course with sessions)

could you write the cache to a file and then store a reference to the file  
and carry that from page to page?

surely the chunk of html output should only be created when you're ready  
to use it?

normal practice would suggest that you just carry data from page to page  
and then assemble it as html when you want to send it to the client  

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