[thelist] RE: Flash Remoting MX v Flash Communications Server MX

Gavin Lilley gavin at crispuk.net
Thu Sep 23 09:49:07 CDT 2004

Hi Chris,

Yes that does help me as that clearly defines where the two products
separate. I feel lost by Macromedias current product line up and I suspect
that having a vague understanding is less helpful than having no
understanding of where they all fit.

I have found that Flash has some fantastic data components for user friendly
functionality in an online application, but many of the components run very
slowly compared to php/css doing the same thing. I believe that these
problems can be overcome, making Flash a very good choice for an online

I currently have a mysql database, using php I query the database to produce
xml, the xml is loaded into flash and used to populate a dataGrid or a form
constructed of several . A user can edit the data in a form, I then
loadVariablesNum to a php script which performs a update query back into the
mysql database.

To reduce development time, I have been told that the remoting tool is a
much smarter alternative as I can setup data sources using actionscript
which is not only faster but the data source changes are handled by flash
and automatically stored back in the database. Do macromedia produce this
tool? Is it a combination of cfmx and remoting or is there no real advantage
over php?

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