[thelist] Nested-list problem (IE width-fix vs safari)

Karl Jacobs Karl.W.Jacobs at aero.org
Wed Sep 22 17:00:28 CDT 2004


I've got a menu-list problem, and am hoping someone has solved this 

The setup:  basic 2-level horizontal list, (using the Sons of 
Suckerfish method).

My 2nd level items are wider that the top-level items. (longer words, 
can't be helped) About 80 pixels for the top, 120 for second level.

The problem: When I apply the (width: 120px;) to the second-level (a), 
to fix the IE6 width problem, then Safari creates some nasty redraw 

(I'm setting the width of the (a) to keep the entire area clickable in 
IE, otherwise, only the text is clickable.)

Does anyone know of a way to fix the Safari problem, or another 
solution for the IE problem?....

This only seems to occur if the sub-item area is wider than the top 



-- Karl

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