[thelist] Maintenance Agreements

Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Fri Sep 24 17:38:19 CDT 2004

Message from Kyle Murphy (9/24/2004 06:19 PM)
>I have recently launched a site that will require ongoing maintenance and I
>need to come up with a maintenance agreement for my client.  We have agreed
>on a base price, but I'm not sure how I will quantify it.
>Does anybody have a good system of setting up an ongoing maintenance
>agreement with a larger client?
>I was thinking that we charge our base fee & it includes up to a certain #
>of hours a month (say 10 hours) & anything on top of that will be billed
>separately.  The problem here is that I don't want to have to track my

You can't sell tomatoes buy the pound if you're unwilling to weigh pounds, 
or eggs by the dozen if you don't count the eggs. Why think you can sell 
hours without tracking them?

Your base fee for x hours + additional time billed separately is a sound 
model. If you don't want to track hours try finding a balance where your 
monthly retainer is high enough that it covers your time most months (which 
will ultimately require that you track hours to have an idea of how much 
time you actually dedicate to the job).


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