[thelist] line breaks not rereplacing

Palyne PJ Gaenir palyne at sciencehorizon.com
Fri Sep 24 18:17:54 CDT 2004

I am outputting text content from a db w/user-entered info into a 
delimited text format. I must remove line breaks so they aren't 
read as end-of-record. With other tables this has been no problem. 
I'm using CFML and outputting as CSV (although the user can choose 
the delimiter string).

I'm using a rereplace on chr(13)&chr(10) (as well as just chr(13) 
alone) which seems to be working except this time, there's still 
tons of line breaks in the result which aren't getting dealt with. 
Just 'once in awhile' in the content, at times these are in the 
middle of a sentence, sometimes in the expected end-of-line place.

I went to the content (both in SQL-Server Enterprise Manager, and 
in the simple html form we use that it was entered in) and looked 
at where it's causing a return. Sometimes the 'space' where it 
happens, I copy that into TextPad search and it displays as "\n." 
I tried rereplacing that (as "\n" and "\\n")--no change in result. 
Sometimes it doesn't copy as anything at all (just a space, or 

Could this be a result of text copied in from MS Word or something 
like that? What could it be??

When I manually do a delete in the content where this is 
happening, it outputs fine. But I can't do this for 1/5 of the 
7000 records.

Is there ANY OTHER code, character, anything that could be 
'invisible' and/or translating into '\n' sometimes in TextPad, 
that I could try replacing via CF?

Is there any better way (than using TextPad's F8) I can 'see' what 
character it might be, as it's obviously not an ordinary space, in 
the content that is causing the problem?

There is obviously SOMETHING there. I just can't see it -- or when 
I see it, it looks like \n or like nothing (space). But if 
chr(13)&chr(10) don't work, chr(13) doesn't work, chr(15) didn't 
work, and \n didn't work all on the rereplace of that field's 
content, what else can I try?

This seems like it oughtta be so EASY, but I'm about ready to bang 
my head on something. This is one of those 'little things' that is 
totally messing up my life for the dozen things waiting on it. Any 
suggestions Evoltians might have would be greatly appreciated.


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