[thelist] Bookmarket to copy favicons

MpPierce66 at comcast.net MpPierce66 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 25 12:08:54 CDT 2004

Hi everyone -

I was hoping folks on the list could point me towards some resources that would help me write a bookmarklet/favelet. I'm creating a favicon gallery and I'd like to write a bookmarklet that will copy the favicon from a site to my local drive; huge time saver!

I think the logic flow needs to be:
1. Try looking for favicon.ico in the root directory (location.host + '/favicon.ico')
2. If the file doesn't exist there, scan the DOM for the appropriate LINK statement
3. If the file or LINK is found, copy the file to a standard directory on my local drive

I'm hoping that some folks can point me to some resources/examples that will accellerate my learning curve to get this done quickly. Someday I'll learn more javascript, but today, I just need to get the job done. :)

FYI, the gallery can be found here: http://MpPierce66.home.comcast.net/web/fi/

Thank you so much!

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