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> Hello,
> I've been charged with finding a PHP/MySQL-based
> install-and-run type of website that would basically
> handle/manage recipes with multiple users, if possible.  I
> know that quite awhile back there were some ColdFusion
> examples (and those are NOT ruled out at this point in time),
> but I was wondering if anyone had seen anything for PHP.
> Low/No cost would be preferred.
> Thanks in adavance!
> Russ

I'm not aware of any recipe-specific systems out there, but it I don't
imagine it would take much to turn an established CMS like PhpNuke/PostNuke
etc to your needs. All free, many are very well supported with large, active
communities and they also give you the scope for future expansion should you
ever need it.

Check out http://www.opensourcecms.com/ for a list of many open source

Hope that helps,


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