[thelist] ATOMZ To End Free Search -- Other Options?

Sam Foster sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Oct 4 14:18:02 CDT 2004

I've been looking into the Google API, prompted by the same Atomz 
announcement. It's working well so far - I have a perl/cgi that accepts 
queries and responds with entirely custom formatted search results. I 
needed the results page to validate as strict xhtml - something that was 
  hard to find elsewhere.

But I'm not comparing apples with apples. One is an API, the other a 
hosted search/indexing service.  Any searches are against Google's index 
and you don't get to reindex at will like you do with Atomz or similar 
And you have a maximum of 1000 searches a day.. fine for me, but 
probably not for lots of sites out there.

Worth looking into though as you get all of Google's PDF indexing, 
cacheing etc. for free. And I really like keeping my template and 
results hosted on my server.. I'd run into cross-domain scripting issues 
and all the usual consistency and version problems before with Atomz.


Pat Meeks wrote:

> ATOMZ has just sent a message that it's going to include Google Ads to the
> small sites that now use ATOMZ without charge. 
> So, are there any alternative free search sources that do not have
> advertising for sites smaller than 500 pages? 

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