[thelist] Flickery rollovers are ruining my life

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Mon Oct 4 20:18:06 CDT 2004

Chris Kavanagh wrote:

> My latest design uses rollover images, and even though I have told the 
> accursed pages in question to preload the rollover images, they often 
> "flicker" as the user mouses over them.  This is *ugly and annoying*.
> </snipped>

Hello Chris,

May say that your design is stunning and very creative.

Regarding your rollovers, part of the issue may be that you're loading a 
larger image rather than just the area that is changing due to the 
rollover. I understand why you do this, and I'm not sure if there is 
another way.

Maybe just try removing the Macromedia preloading javascript and replace 
it with this (and changing the filenames and dimensions):

  <script type="text/javascript">
      Image1= new Image(175,50)
      Image1.src = "image1.gif"
      Image2 = new Image(25,30)
      Image2.src = "image2.gif"
      Image3 = new Image(125,80)
      Image3.src = "image3.gif"
      // -->

Give that a shot just to see if it changes anything.

Hope that helps.



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