[thelist] property management software

Theodore Serbinski tserbinski at washsq.com
Tue Oct 5 10:09:36 CDT 2004

Hi all! Before I got off searching Google for this, I figured I asked 
you guys to see if you have any recommendations.

I have a client that has an old Dbase4 database of demographic/marketing 
data that they have been using but lately is not working too well and 
their maintenance guy is no more.

I was going through this data in Access and discovered that over 40% of 
their data was pretty bad (they had people with move in dates set to 
1900 and 1902).

So what I was going to do was write a new program in Access to allow 
them to input data and then manually go through their old data and put 
in good data, tedious yes, but necessary.

Then I realized their might be a better way to do this, and find out if 
there is a really good property management program out their that can 
handle this. So does anyone have any recommendations? Or any comments on 
this situation?

Thanks, appreciated!


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