[thelist] property management software

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Oct 5 10:39:57 CDT 2004

>...Does anyone have any recommendations? Or any comments on
>this situation?

My wife and I are getting into REI next year on our journey to greater
wealth and we have already committed to buying Rent Manager from

It's completely scalable as far as the program and licensing goes. I'm not
too sure about the ability to import previous data.

Ask for a demo. The first 10 units you want to manage will run you about
$150. You can upgrade your current version by 10 units for $75 each. So,
it's cost effective if you're starting out, or have 5 apartment complexes. 

I've seen the software and it's really robust. I can't remember, but these
guys have been doing rent software for a very long time.


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